Saturday, July 9, 2011

Well yea~~ I guess it's time to leave the sack and get to the real thing about blogging. Well, today I'll start with what happened yesterday,, hmm,, nothing much tho'.. ohyea! I called the Streamyx service centre about my line problem, the day after yesterday, we had blackout, for like.. 5 hrs or something like that,, it went on at 2.40pm, perfect! coz' im in time to watch dragon ball.. hahah! -.-" back to the story, after the blackout, my internet went 100 to 0.. it's connected but there's no received packets.. I wish I could fix it myself without needing other ppl to help me.. kept on trying, i gave up, the next day, i gave the service centre a call.. wew,, had a 30 minutes conversation with the operator.. she's nice, very kind.. I wonder how old was she. LoL!! sound so young,,, oh well,, after I called her, I mean,, "The Service Centre", she told me to wait 24hrs for my line to be back, and so i wait.. . . . . .

2 hrs after the call, another operator called back on my hp and asked something just to make sure about the report i made earlier,, her name is Wati. lol~ she said she's sending a team of technician over to my house to check on it,, waow.. that's special treat don't you think  ^^V I decided to take shower early.~ (LOL), and waited for them to come, had my laptop on in the living room, while i watch WIPEOUT. waited n waited n waited,, 3pm - i decided to watch some movies on my laptop.. "Big Momma - Like Father Like Son" haha! 5 minutes into the show, my avast antivirus was updated successfully,, I was like? WTF? there must be connection already! yeahoo!! and so, yeah.. the line was on,, Im back on track,, ^^V

continued watching big momma's, dad arrived home from work and he was like,, Boy! i talked to the guy at the TMNet, and we got ourselves a new modem by next week. I was like... :O what??? haha! yeap, a new modem,,, there's a new plan cost rm 130... and I cut the conversation,, why not stay with current plan? its only RM 88.. and so he explain.. oh my,, new plan, new modem, new speed of 2Gb?? wew~~ Can't wait to feel that speed,, im luvin it.. <3 hehe~

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  1. new modem 2Gb.. speed i tell u.. wow! i use it this moment.. and.. hahha.. memang masyuk! :)