Friday, December 24, 2010

WoRdS FroM The HeArT aS ThE MouTh Can'T Speak

A big crowd standing in front me,
Most of them are standing beside me,
It's nice to see them laughing,
Tagging along,
Doing Things Together,
Teaming Up,
I feel happy for them,
Hell, I wish they keep on upgrading and success more and more,
But when I looked at myself,
I'm not a part of them,
Being Left out alone,
Being the only thrash under a Christmas tree,
I can't be part of them,
Some voices told me to leave the crowd and join them,
But the they are my friends,
I can't just left them,
I felt like joining,
But I feel not invited,
I wanted to leave because in this case,
My happiness counts also.

I need something to cheer me up,
Especially in these times,
I wish I could be like them,
But I can't,
Instead I thank God for what I have,
I appreciate what I have,
Right now,
This very second,
I wanted to join them,
Yea they do care about me,
They are like part of my family,
I confess,
I dare to tell them,
"Hey Guys? I need some company here..",
They came,
They Cheered me up,
Made me smile again,
But sometimes,
Its just sad to feel that their are not arnd,
I don't want to be left alone,
I don't want to be happy just myself,
I wish to share it with others,
Being happy together is the best thing in the world,
I'm numb when I dont get that,

Advice is all I need,
And some attention,
People do deserve attention,
Not too much,
A little bit would do,
I gave commitments to them,
But I don't receive anything,
I'm not asking for anything as return,
But wouldn't it be nice if you are reward for a commitment You made?
I'm sure You who read this would thought the same,
We are humans,
We are the same in some ways,
In this case,
I'm sure we ARE the same,
Giving but not receiving,
It's just harsh,
Sometimes I feel like leaving the crowd,
But they still give support,
Other voices called me to them,
They are so nice to me,
Should I go?
Or should I stay?

It's complicated.
I'm sorry,
I can't make any decisions,
Not Right now,
I wanted to leave,
And I wanted to stay,
I'm sorry,,,,,,,,
I can't take a bow....
I just can't.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TiMe GoEs By ToO FaSt

Hola! hahaha~ how u guys doinn??? :) im good here.. doing well.. so far so good.. =) my 1st sem results are out, i guess... a few days ago? 5 days ago maybe.. ahahah.. yeah, i passed all of my subjects, ^^V cheers~ but not really happy with the pointer, oh well.. guess i'll just move on with it ^^V NEED SOME IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT!  ^^V wish me luck for 2nd sem.. =)

aaahhh... this afternoon, me and the Ba™aN crew went to buy our Futsal jerseys.. ouyeah.. Jerseys!! sigh, went through alot... and really tired.. just to search for the "right" size, if u know what im saying.. = =" soo~~~~ yeap, we bought them.. heheh.. gonna get ready for the upcoming event... Piala Ambang 2011 they call it.. held at Indoor Stadium Miri.. fuh.. nabes2.. hahaa.. my 1st big tournament.. =p

ermm ermm ermm... nothing much to story actually.. nothing much going on.. xkan la mok crita tiap2 hari aku main bola kat blkng kedey kan~~ hahaha.. but yeah, as a preparation, i did some work outs, some trainings, some skills polishing... main kat blkng kedey jak.. sakit ler jatuh the other day = =" twice.. WTF! but yeah, im ok~ lol.. still going strong.. now, ermm.. guess im kinda injured, overstretch my muscle ler.. need some rest.. hahah.. but, xdpt dmanjak gilak eh.. need to push to the limit ler.. got 2 more weeks to the event.. eee.. >,< idk if im fit enuff... sighh... anyways~~~

arrhh.. boring tahap gaban.. yala nulis blog tok.. hahaha... sighh.. idk what else to do.. astro xda = =" wanna watch football time cuti tok pun xdpt.. sighh..... "heavy sighh" wanna watch streaming? huhu... clash connection with my online game plak... mistake ehh.. = =" blablabla.. i got nothing more to write..

chow3x.. =)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ola Nacho!! =)

greetings3x... hehehe

wah.. lamak ku tidak bersua bersama tmpt ku biasanya meluahkan serba sedikit prasaan ku... ofcoz some of them we need to keep it as personal reasons right? ^^

moving on~ i'll be sitting for my last final exam paper this saturday... STATISTICS FOR SCIENCE SOCIAL.. omg.. total carry mark so far.. 12. something2.. huhuhuhu.. really not satisfied with it... got to do my best... ^^ kill it of.. heheh... hmmm.. whats more to say? arrrr...

last few weeks,,,, theres  alot going on,, had fun,, always.. tears? nah~ i guess im living a happy life in UNIMAS,, thnx to the watimanglandok crew.. hehe.. yeah, they are such great frnds.. :) lifting up each other when we are down.. enjoying time with them studying, fuh~ alot more... ^^V if im about to list it down, nah, i guess its too many of them... *oopsss i accidently fart*.. anywaysssssssssss

2moro will be the last day for me to start revising... huh.. havent start anything yet for now.. sigh, what am i gonna write inside the answer sheet later on.. ... ... ... ... .. .... can't figure out for now, will get the mood 2moro ^^, moving on~ lalalala...

FOR SATURDAY!! yeah, had a great plan with my frnds, going to.... @.@ nt sure, was it call ranchan? rancan? hahaha... waterfall~~ i cant swim!! sadness.. nvm, i shall get myself what we call this? pelampong? hahaha... tied on my shoulder, and waist.. :P hahah.. nahh~ guess i'll just take my time frying those chickenssssssssssssss... har3.. love to eat.. hmph.. what else to say.. oh ya!! to my frnds in MIRI!! those Ba™aN crews, sabar k... 22hb ku balit... flight kol 12.35, kira2 kol 2 sampe miri bah. hahaha.. lak kita hang out sampe kol 4 pagi gik.. polah kaco kat miri.. hahaha... miss my 125z so much.. huhu..

arrr.... neways, its almost 2am now.. hmph.. my roomate is writing HIS blog too.. hahaha.. influenced.. =p goodluck mate!! :) u know what i mean... im here for u dude... just be strong and believe urself, dont ever broke down, DO NOT FILL UR LIFE WITH TEARS, AS IT IS ONLY FOR ONCE. remember my quote.. (ady,2010) heheh.. love to do those things.. ^^

gonna "hit the sack" now.. see u guys later.. chiao.. ^^V


Monday, November 1, 2010


Hye Guys~ been missing for so long already from this page.. ^^ really busy with assignments, games lately.. no time to even update my blog... i'll start writing again since its study week before the final exam... ugghh.. can't wait to finish them and go home.. =)

so much have happen, cant state them all.. :) ups and downs in life are normal. therefore i am thankful that these things happen and made me a new person each day. yerrr.. updated patch la tek.. haha.. hmm.. what more to say? i guess nothing much that i can write here... since im not feeling well either today... had fever since i woke up.. gosh.. = =" sore throat.. ate my medication already, hopefully i'll recover soon.

ummpphhh... i guess i will continue writing when i get better later :D thnx for reading. adios.. ^^


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Packing Time, Time To Go Study.

18 Sept 2010.

9.30AM :-
Just arrived home from my friend's house. Playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. Had A nice record that night, only lost once in 4 games. =) glad to see some progress after some training with my friends at Kolej Seroja. :) Last Night was the last Night-out we had for this holiday. =( sad,,, but, nonetheless, we still have time to reunite at some time in the future.. :) can't wait for the end-year holiday. around one month or so.. ^^ Gonna continue hang out with those Ba™aN Gangs.. =) Go 'Polah Kaco' at town. haha..

I finished my packing already, got 2 luggage to bring, and one laptop bag = =" its gonna be heavy. thats why i hate travelling. guess i need to polish my skill of packing my belongings for travelling. phew.. that was a tough job.. = =" so many things.. sigh, kind of regret bringing home so many.. lol.. but i used them all.. not all.. almost all.. ^^ that's good enough right? :D

Anyway, I just had my lunch. very full now.. = =" Feel so free to eat at home.. the appetite is back.. going to U is like slimming programme for me. Budget here budget there, sigh. nvm, its for my own good.. ^^ gonna miss my room, my life in Miri, my 125z.. T__T and I'm sure gonna miss my family.. Hang in there.. =)(",)

Yeah, so, i guess this is my updated blog in Miri. gonna continue writing when arrive at UNIMAS, Kuching.. =) time to study, time to improve, time to gain knowledge, time to gain experience, upgrade personal skills, increase everything. =) and surely increase my survival skill.

That's All... =)(",)
Bye Miri T___T

-To Be Continue-
Roger & Out

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Good Afternoon.. =)

Wah, Its september the 16th already... been a long time i left blog... a little bit dusty.. phew.. just stopping by to update it.. ^^ am going for futsal match tonite at 7 pm... Weather Hot, temperature high, humidity, 20%? hehehe.. theres some guest downstairs.. 

BTW, hope its not too late, slamat hari raya to all my muslim frnds =) etcetcetc.. ok done.. well, had a blast Raya celebration this year.. both with family and frnds.. =) went back home at 3 ~ 4am in the morning for few times already.. REASON: playing COD... ^^, i kinda hate that game at some point especially when i got headache.. playing for some time, arnd 5~6 maps, i will feel like i wanna vomit on the keyboard.. coz they way i play that game, doesnt suite the.. blbalbalblablabla.. xD bottomline is, i got serious headache after playing that game.. ^^,

Went back home and straight to bed... at night/afternoon.. we'll play futsal.. oh, its just hardcore activity this holiday.. ^^ cant do this kind of activity when im back to unimas later... :) hehehe... anyways~~~~ I Still owe my sis a dine at KFC = =" sorry sis, if ur reading this.. i might not be able to bring u go round2.. hehe.. too busy.. no time to arrange.. i delay my promise to u ah.. gogo.. write it down in ur little 555 book... 

lalalalaa~ arh, whats next? erm.. im gonna go downtown to buy some big-enuff blanket for me to sleep... the blanket i bought last time was too short for me = =" sigh.. can't sleep well with those, and i need new ones!! bigger ones!! hehehe.. going to travel to Kuching this saturday, BUS, Biaramas.. 9pm.. fuh! my 2nd time-trip to Kch using bus.. a little bit nervous.. hope that i dont puke on the way to Kch = ="

blablabla... anyways.. thats all for now.. ^^ will update when i really got time.. i mean REALLY GOT TIME... like now = =" nothing else to do, Facebook also quiet.. 2k frnds but a quiet afternoon.. weird... maybe still in raya holiday.. #^#%@#!&^ its always been like that.. *start to think that i shud remove frnds*

Peace out

Sunday, August 29, 2010


3.54pm, I'm Bored... -.- Got Nothing else to do.. my GE game is running... watching my characters lvling, my roomate is on the phone.. with someone.. idk who that is.. hahaha.. but im sure its a girl.. ;) coz he is talking softly... ok2, enuff about that... its my blog..

well, this morning i was suppose to go to kampus barat for raptai perarakan ambang kemerdekaan.. but last night, my bad, this morning, i slept at 1.30pm or arnd there.. and i didnt woke up for sahur.. -.- kinda starving now.. but heheh.. theres no challenge if theres none of this condition.. ^^, imagine those poor ppl hoh... thats what make me strong.. =) okok.. lets continue, well.. i woke up late.. start to be conscious at 6am -.-" and i continue sleeping... i was suppose to wake up at 7 or 7.15... just to get ready... but then again.. i woke up late at 7.30.. i got 30 minutes to get ready... and i get up from my bed at arnd 7.40.. lol.. took shower, and blablabla... its 7.50.. still got 10 minutes be the bus left.. when i was walking outside with my frnds, we got info that the bus already left -.-"

there we go.. game over, next bus is at 10am.. holy **** hahaha... well.. i went back to my room, and continue sleeping.. XD until 1.30pm... continue playing my game, facebooking, play some games again, and end up here writing my blog.. well.. its not bad right? ^^, right now, im listening to song.. alot of them.. =) just to get rid of my boredness and hope to rise my mood bar. :D

sigh~ tonite at 9 i'll be going to parking lot to meet the others for the cheers that we are going to do 2moro night during the ambang merdeka... representing kolej seroja.. hell yea, the champ is in the house.. ^^, just hope that i 'overslept' again =.=" next event, i guess... is unplanned... ^^, but honestly, i cant wait to come home... MIRI~~~~ 6 days to go. im ready for holiday already..

BUT.... I still have one, ONE, the only one project that me and my group need to finish.. oh my -.- the presentation is on this friday.. but we havent prepare anything yet -.- oh my.. im nt sure how will this go.. but we will do it... bottomline is, we like doing things last minute -.- student's habit huh... i guess so... i got so many things to write.. oh my... and yea, im bored of FB-ing already, feeling like deactivating my account.. but, i got my favourite game going on, MW, and some more, which i cant stop playing.. others, like chatting, blablabla... oh my, like cowboy town.. -.- so bored, so many frnds but none came to chat or interfere my status.. cant deny theres some.. but what do u expect from over 1.5k frnds? alot of replies right?

i didnt get them.. haha.. not to be emo.. but its fact.. and fact always right.. ;)
i'll stop writing here.. happy reading..

-to be continue-

Friday, August 27, 2010

New HairStyLe

Its 8.13pm now.. i just got back from Desa Ilmu.. Got A new Haircut, and break fast at anjung ria cafe.. forget the name... i ordered kuey tiaw goreng and it was nice.. its been some time since i at a well cooked fried kuey tiaw.. :) *Thumbs Up* ;) I uploaded my pic from my room at kolej seroja, west campus, UNIMAS, oh, i just realised that i got pimple on my nose.. argh! got to get rid of it.. =/

2moro I will be sitting for statistics mid term exam, gonna study tonight and do some refreshment... hope i didnt forget those formulas or graphs especially ogive like i did few days back during statistics quizzz... oh my... here we go, time passes so fast... its the 17th day of Ramadhan.. Thank God that all my fasting are full till today and hope to extend my rally of "full-fasting" to eight (8) years.. ;) what a record.. 

Owkay then, i'll stop here for now.. its nice writing here and sometimes u got to express ur feelings.. ;) thnx for the tip lil sis.. - Credits to VaNz ;) (if ur reading this, pls smile) =P

-outta here-
-will be continue- =)(",)
I Like This Style, MoHawk. ;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

BuHrinK, PenInG~~!!

Hi Guys~ i just got the time to update this blog of mine before i go to sleep... to day was the 15th or 16th day of fasting month.. im not sure of the actual day... hehehe... well... 2moro we have ethnic relation exam... mid term... oh, im so nervous.. xD

Im done reading the notes from the reference book... and i realise that, oh.. there 6 chapters to read... omg.. its mid term.. and 2moro will be objective questions... im not sure how many.. but regardless of the quantity, im still nervous... not sure if i can answer them or not.. i'll just answer them according to my instinct and logic and i hope its the right way... ;) i mean, thats the best way to answer when ur not sure of the fact.. am i correct? ^^, well.. i better get to sack now... getting sleepy and late... i usually sleep at 1am.. but because im having headache today.. not a serious one, im just gonna take some extra rest, and i hope to recover by 2moro morning..

Guys, Wish Me Luck.. ^^ I Hope I Can Answer Them All Tomorrow.

p/s: Life Goes On, No Matter What, No Matter What Are Your Consequences. It Goes On. So Move On With It. =)(",)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The FaLLeN

This morning i woke up.. i guess it was an ordinary day... and as it went a few minutes after that, yeah... It was and ordinary day for me.. until i read something.. I felt nothing.. I felt so down, my ears were hot, my mind was stolen from someone else, i lost my confidence, i lost my faith, i lost who i am... i tried to change, but i failed.. I need some Support, i need some truth.. why am i feeling this, please reveal me the truth.. I'm not being myself, for who i am, for what i do, for what i believe in. Again, I tried to be tough, like was, before this happen.. Sound strange? Yeah.. Its secret.. Its feeling.. Its happening.. Feel Curious about it? Read Some more... Read Some More..

It Happened within 2 seconds when i read and felt:" Oh! I've Seen This Before!, I Thought That.. Ugh..~" And i Started to melt down, falling from the top of the iceberg, into and open icy cold freezing hypothermic Sea. It's A feeling that i Felt I was the one... the choosen one to fall.. The choosen one to be "cut" in the chest with an axe.. A wound that never gonna be cured..

Before I came here, i Put ONE STATEMENT in my head.. And I disobeyed My own rule.. And I know, I just realized, That i am not that strong that i thought i was. I'm Down cause of what i do.. But I still know the way out of this. I can Still Try to pick myself Out.. Swim out of the icy cold sea.. with one hope, one dignity, one pride and followed by ONE word and ONE word only. "IGNORE"

But then again.. I'm not that type of human that wants to Ignore this. I'm the type who care about this..


To Be Continue..

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Morning Guys :)

Guess This is the 11th of Ramadhan.. I Lost Count -.-" But Nvmnd... Its a Cold Morning... Still Dusk... COld, Very cold.... At 4.20Am my HP rang... Although I set My Alarm @ 4am, I Heard it @ around 4.20 Maybe..Can't Remember.. Deep Sleep huh ^^, Well, I woke up then, Saw My HP status.. It was 3 Miss Calls and 2 Msgs.. My MuM tried to call me and wake me Up.. And My GF sent a MSG, asking me To Eat Sahur ^^, How Sweet.. Two Of My lOVED ones care About Me.. ^^, I miss Them ^^,

Well, For Today's Sahur, I ate Lee Fah Mee, Abalone Flavour(oh, took me about 5 seconds to think of the word flavour), and Chipsmore.. ^^, AND, 3 Kurma's.. I Like It.. ^^, Although I Have to drink Plain water.. But Its Ok.. This is What We Call Experience Living Without Ur Family Beside You and Away From "Spoonfeeding".

I Miss Home~~ =)(",)
Till Then.. Arigatou~

Friday, August 20, 2010

ThE BeginNing..

HyE~ hehe... This is the 1st time im writing a blog... although i heard about it last few years.. nvr got the interest to make one.. BUT, today my sis asked me to make one just coz i can read her's.. nvmnd, i'll get use to this 'thing'. Felt awkward writing these things.. LMFAO..

I'll just start telling about myself..
Born in Lutong, Miri, Sarawak.. =.="
Graduated from LUGOSS
Currently Studying @ UNIMAS taking Planning & Development =)

Guess Thats all i can write for now.. HaHa..