Monday, July 11, 2011

11th July 2011

Morning guys gays girls gaylords! haha! today I woke up v.early.. 6am :O omg? hehe yea, i woke up early and went to the toilet, looked at my watch, wew, it's still very early indeed, the wind is still so cold.. so damn freakin' cold.. i went back to bed.. ^^V woke up at 7am.. Hoorah! I'll be going out with my "ahem" today.. Miss her so much.. >,<" well yea, gonna catch some movies maybe, let's see.. I haven't plan anything at all.. hoho.. just go with the flow.. i hope today is gonna be fun etcetc,, may all the positive aura come to me.. <3 like3x!! Argh! I hate my scalp.. is it possible to have pimples on ur scalp? I wonder how to get rid of it.. sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not. Well right now, there's a lot of them and I feel like popping each and everyone one of them, painful la, can't really sleep with the pain.. sigh~ I wish there's a way to cure this, hate those pimples on my head.. anyways~ I'll be updating my blog again later on, after I'm back from dating.. ouyeah~ ^.~ so, I'll see you guys later on yeah! :) Enjoy hearing party rock anthem while reading my blog? You shud try shufflin' too.. Hell yeah! .|.   =.=   .|.   haha! cya!