Monday, November 1, 2010


Hye Guys~ been missing for so long already from this page.. ^^ really busy with assignments, games lately.. no time to even update my blog... i'll start writing again since its study week before the final exam... ugghh.. can't wait to finish them and go home.. =)

so much have happen, cant state them all.. :) ups and downs in life are normal. therefore i am thankful that these things happen and made me a new person each day. yerrr.. updated patch la tek.. haha.. hmm.. what more to say? i guess nothing much that i can write here... since im not feeling well either today... had fever since i woke up.. gosh.. = =" sore throat.. ate my medication already, hopefully i'll recover soon.

ummpphhh... i guess i will continue writing when i get better later :D thnx for reading. adios.. ^^