Saturday, September 18, 2010

Packing Time, Time To Go Study.

18 Sept 2010.

9.30AM :-
Just arrived home from my friend's house. Playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. Had A nice record that night, only lost once in 4 games. =) glad to see some progress after some training with my friends at Kolej Seroja. :) Last Night was the last Night-out we had for this holiday. =( sad,,, but, nonetheless, we still have time to reunite at some time in the future.. :) can't wait for the end-year holiday. around one month or so.. ^^ Gonna continue hang out with those Ba™aN Gangs.. =) Go 'Polah Kaco' at town. haha..

I finished my packing already, got 2 luggage to bring, and one laptop bag = =" its gonna be heavy. thats why i hate travelling. guess i need to polish my skill of packing my belongings for travelling. phew.. that was a tough job.. = =" so many things.. sigh, kind of regret bringing home so many.. lol.. but i used them all.. not all.. almost all.. ^^ that's good enough right? :D

Anyway, I just had my lunch. very full now.. = =" Feel so free to eat at home.. the appetite is back.. going to U is like slimming programme for me. Budget here budget there, sigh. nvm, its for my own good.. ^^ gonna miss my room, my life in Miri, my 125z.. T__T and I'm sure gonna miss my family.. Hang in there.. =)(",)

Yeah, so, i guess this is my updated blog in Miri. gonna continue writing when arrive at UNIMAS, Kuching.. =) time to study, time to improve, time to gain knowledge, time to gain experience, upgrade personal skills, increase everything. =) and surely increase my survival skill.

That's All... =)(",)
Bye Miri T___T

-To Be Continue-
Roger & Out