Thursday, August 26, 2010

BuHrinK, PenInG~~!!

Hi Guys~ i just got the time to update this blog of mine before i go to sleep... to day was the 15th or 16th day of fasting month.. im not sure of the actual day... hehehe... well... 2moro we have ethnic relation exam... mid term... oh, im so nervous.. xD

Im done reading the notes from the reference book... and i realise that, oh.. there 6 chapters to read... omg.. its mid term.. and 2moro will be objective questions... im not sure how many.. but regardless of the quantity, im still nervous... not sure if i can answer them or not.. i'll just answer them according to my instinct and logic and i hope its the right way... ;) i mean, thats the best way to answer when ur not sure of the fact.. am i correct? ^^, well.. i better get to sack now... getting sleepy and late... i usually sleep at 1am.. but because im having headache today.. not a serious one, im just gonna take some extra rest, and i hope to recover by 2moro morning..

Guys, Wish Me Luck.. ^^ I Hope I Can Answer Them All Tomorrow.

p/s: Life Goes On, No Matter What, No Matter What Are Your Consequences. It Goes On. So Move On With It. =)(",)