Sunday, August 22, 2010

The FaLLeN

This morning i woke up.. i guess it was an ordinary day... and as it went a few minutes after that, yeah... It was and ordinary day for me.. until i read something.. I felt nothing.. I felt so down, my ears were hot, my mind was stolen from someone else, i lost my confidence, i lost my faith, i lost who i am... i tried to change, but i failed.. I need some Support, i need some truth.. why am i feeling this, please reveal me the truth.. I'm not being myself, for who i am, for what i do, for what i believe in. Again, I tried to be tough, like was, before this happen.. Sound strange? Yeah.. Its secret.. Its feeling.. Its happening.. Feel Curious about it? Read Some more... Read Some More..

It Happened within 2 seconds when i read and felt:" Oh! I've Seen This Before!, I Thought That.. Ugh..~" And i Started to melt down, falling from the top of the iceberg, into and open icy cold freezing hypothermic Sea. It's A feeling that i Felt I was the one... the choosen one to fall.. The choosen one to be "cut" in the chest with an axe.. A wound that never gonna be cured..

Before I came here, i Put ONE STATEMENT in my head.. And I disobeyed My own rule.. And I know, I just realized, That i am not that strong that i thought i was. I'm Down cause of what i do.. But I still know the way out of this. I can Still Try to pick myself Out.. Swim out of the icy cold sea.. with one hope, one dignity, one pride and followed by ONE word and ONE word only. "IGNORE"

But then again.. I'm not that type of human that wants to Ignore this. I'm the type who care about this..


To Be Continue..