Sunday, August 29, 2010


3.54pm, I'm Bored... -.- Got Nothing else to do.. my GE game is running... watching my characters lvling, my roomate is on the phone.. with someone.. idk who that is.. hahaha.. but im sure its a girl.. ;) coz he is talking softly... ok2, enuff about that... its my blog..

well, this morning i was suppose to go to kampus barat for raptai perarakan ambang kemerdekaan.. but last night, my bad, this morning, i slept at 1.30pm or arnd there.. and i didnt woke up for sahur.. -.- kinda starving now.. but heheh.. theres no challenge if theres none of this condition.. ^^, imagine those poor ppl hoh... thats what make me strong.. =) okok.. lets continue, well.. i woke up late.. start to be conscious at 6am -.-" and i continue sleeping... i was suppose to wake up at 7 or 7.15... just to get ready... but then again.. i woke up late at 7.30.. i got 30 minutes to get ready... and i get up from my bed at arnd 7.40.. lol.. took shower, and blablabla... its 7.50.. still got 10 minutes be the bus left.. when i was walking outside with my frnds, we got info that the bus already left -.-"

there we go.. game over, next bus is at 10am.. holy **** hahaha... well.. i went back to my room, and continue sleeping.. XD until 1.30pm... continue playing my game, facebooking, play some games again, and end up here writing my blog.. well.. its not bad right? ^^, right now, im listening to song.. alot of them.. =) just to get rid of my boredness and hope to rise my mood bar. :D

sigh~ tonite at 9 i'll be going to parking lot to meet the others for the cheers that we are going to do 2moro night during the ambang merdeka... representing kolej seroja.. hell yea, the champ is in the house.. ^^, just hope that i 'overslept' again =.=" next event, i guess... is unplanned... ^^, but honestly, i cant wait to come home... MIRI~~~~ 6 days to go. im ready for holiday already..

BUT.... I still have one, ONE, the only one project that me and my group need to finish.. oh my -.- the presentation is on this friday.. but we havent prepare anything yet -.- oh my.. im nt sure how will this go.. but we will do it... bottomline is, we like doing things last minute -.- student's habit huh... i guess so... i got so many things to write.. oh my... and yea, im bored of FB-ing already, feeling like deactivating my account.. but, i got my favourite game going on, MW, and some more, which i cant stop playing.. others, like chatting, blablabla... oh my, like cowboy town.. -.- so bored, so many frnds but none came to chat or interfere my status.. cant deny theres some.. but what do u expect from over 1.5k frnds? alot of replies right?

i didnt get them.. haha.. not to be emo.. but its fact.. and fact always right.. ;)
i'll stop writing here.. happy reading..

-to be continue-