Friday, January 14, 2011

It'S NoT ThAt EaSy To DeScriBe

You can't make up your mind,
Your hurting me,
Make me confuse,
And You keep on refuse,
I don't know what to do,
Tell me what You feel,
I need to know,
Let it be fair,

Please don't waste my time,
It's a short life,
Let me know before I'm gone,
And don't regret,
When the second comes,
I shall leave,
Before it's too late,
I beg you to tell me,
What's in Your mind.

Let's talk about this,
Take time,
Sit down,
Look me in the eye,
Tell me what I suppose to know,
I'm not against you,
I don't feel good when I see you moody,
Going crazy,
With your sad face,
I want to fix it.

And now,
You make me more confuse,
You make me feel down,
You know??!!
I can't stay down,
I'm not going back to that kind of loser I was before,
I'll do things to gain my faith and confidence,
I'll forget these things if You are late,
So don't keep me waiting,
As the Sun is not always shinning,
As the cloud doesn't always offer raining.

Please make up your mind,
Talk to me,
I need You.