Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TiMe GoEs By ToO FaSt

Hola! hahaha~ how u guys doinn??? :) im good here.. doing well.. so far so good.. =) my 1st sem results are out, i guess... a few days ago? 5 days ago maybe.. ahahah.. yeah, i passed all of my subjects, ^^V cheers~ but not really happy with the pointer, oh well.. guess i'll just move on with it ^^V NEED SOME IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT!  ^^V wish me luck for 2nd sem.. =)

aaahhh... this afternoon, me and the Ba™aN crew went to buy our Futsal jerseys.. ouyeah.. Jerseys!! sigh, went through alot... and really tired.. just to search for the "right" size, if u know what im saying.. = =" soo~~~~ yeap, we bought them.. heheh.. gonna get ready for the upcoming event... Piala Ambang 2011 they call it.. held at Indoor Stadium Miri.. fuh.. nabes2.. hahaa.. my 1st big tournament.. =p

ermm ermm ermm... nothing much to story actually.. nothing much going on.. xkan la mok crita tiap2 hari aku main bola kat blkng kedey kan~~ hahaha.. but yeah, as a preparation, i did some work outs, some trainings, some skills polishing... main kat blkng kedey jak.. sakit ler jatuh the other day = =" twice.. WTF! but yeah, im ok~ lol.. still going strong.. now, ermm.. guess im kinda injured, overstretch my muscle ler.. need some rest.. hahah.. but, xdpt dmanjak gilak eh.. need to push to the limit ler.. got 2 more weeks to the event.. eee.. >,< idk if im fit enuff... sighh... anyways~~~

arrhh.. boring tahap gaban.. yala nulis blog tok.. hahaha... sighh.. idk what else to do.. astro xda = =" wanna watch football time cuti tok pun xdpt.. sighh..... "heavy sighh" wanna watch streaming? huhu... clash connection with my online game plak... mistake ehh.. = =" blablabla.. i got nothing more to write..

chow3x.. =)