Saturday, August 21, 2010


Morning Guys :)

Guess This is the 11th of Ramadhan.. I Lost Count -.-" But Nvmnd... Its a Cold Morning... Still Dusk... COld, Very cold.... At 4.20Am my HP rang... Although I set My Alarm @ 4am, I Heard it @ around 4.20 Maybe..Can't Remember.. Deep Sleep huh ^^, Well, I woke up then, Saw My HP status.. It was 3 Miss Calls and 2 Msgs.. My MuM tried to call me and wake me Up.. And My GF sent a MSG, asking me To Eat Sahur ^^, How Sweet.. Two Of My lOVED ones care About Me.. ^^, I miss Them ^^,

Well, For Today's Sahur, I ate Lee Fah Mee, Abalone Flavour(oh, took me about 5 seconds to think of the word flavour), and Chipsmore.. ^^, AND, 3 Kurma's.. I Like It.. ^^, Although I Have to drink Plain water.. But Its Ok.. This is What We Call Experience Living Without Ur Family Beside You and Away From "Spoonfeeding".

I Miss Home~~ =)(",)
Till Then.. Arigatou~