Friday, August 27, 2010

New HairStyLe

Its 8.13pm now.. i just got back from Desa Ilmu.. Got A new Haircut, and break fast at anjung ria cafe.. forget the name... i ordered kuey tiaw goreng and it was nice.. its been some time since i at a well cooked fried kuey tiaw.. :) *Thumbs Up* ;) I uploaded my pic from my room at kolej seroja, west campus, UNIMAS, oh, i just realised that i got pimple on my nose.. argh! got to get rid of it.. =/

2moro I will be sitting for statistics mid term exam, gonna study tonight and do some refreshment... hope i didnt forget those formulas or graphs especially ogive like i did few days back during statistics quizzz... oh my... here we go, time passes so fast... its the 17th day of Ramadhan.. Thank God that all my fasting are full till today and hope to extend my rally of "full-fasting" to eight (8) years.. ;) what a record.. 

Owkay then, i'll stop here for now.. its nice writing here and sometimes u got to express ur feelings.. ;) thnx for the tip lil sis.. - Credits to VaNz ;) (if ur reading this, pls smile) =P

-outta here-
-will be continue- =)(",)
I Like This Style, MoHawk. ;)