Friday, November 19, 2010

Ola Nacho!! =)

greetings3x... hehehe

wah.. lamak ku tidak bersua bersama tmpt ku biasanya meluahkan serba sedikit prasaan ku... ofcoz some of them we need to keep it as personal reasons right? ^^

moving on~ i'll be sitting for my last final exam paper this saturday... STATISTICS FOR SCIENCE SOCIAL.. omg.. total carry mark so far.. 12. something2.. huhuhuhu.. really not satisfied with it... got to do my best... ^^ kill it of.. heheh... hmmm.. whats more to say? arrrr...

last few weeks,,,, theres  alot going on,, had fun,, always.. tears? nah~ i guess im living a happy life in UNIMAS,, thnx to the watimanglandok crew.. hehe.. yeah, they are such great frnds.. :) lifting up each other when we are down.. enjoying time with them studying, fuh~ alot more... ^^V if im about to list it down, nah, i guess its too many of them... *oopsss i accidently fart*.. anywaysssssssssss

2moro will be the last day for me to start revising... huh.. havent start anything yet for now.. sigh, what am i gonna write inside the answer sheet later on.. ... ... ... ... .. .... can't figure out for now, will get the mood 2moro ^^, moving on~ lalalala...

FOR SATURDAY!! yeah, had a great plan with my frnds, going to.... @.@ nt sure, was it call ranchan? rancan? hahaha... waterfall~~ i cant swim!! sadness.. nvm, i shall get myself what we call this? pelampong? hahaha... tied on my shoulder, and waist.. :P hahah.. nahh~ guess i'll just take my time frying those chickenssssssssssssss... har3.. love to eat.. hmph.. what else to say.. oh ya!! to my frnds in MIRI!! those Ba™aN crews, sabar k... 22hb ku balit... flight kol 12.35, kira2 kol 2 sampe miri bah. hahaha.. lak kita hang out sampe kol 4 pagi gik.. polah kaco kat miri.. hahaha... miss my 125z so much.. huhu..

arrr.... neways, its almost 2am now.. hmph.. my roomate is writing HIS blog too.. hahaha.. influenced.. =p goodluck mate!! :) u know what i mean... im here for u dude... just be strong and believe urself, dont ever broke down, DO NOT FILL UR LIFE WITH TEARS, AS IT IS ONLY FOR ONCE. remember my quote.. (ady,2010) heheh.. love to do those things.. ^^

gonna "hit the sack" now.. see u guys later.. chiao.. ^^V


Monday, November 1, 2010


Hye Guys~ been missing for so long already from this page.. ^^ really busy with assignments, games lately.. no time to even update my blog... i'll start writing again since its study week before the final exam... ugghh.. can't wait to finish them and go home.. =)

so much have happen, cant state them all.. :) ups and downs in life are normal. therefore i am thankful that these things happen and made me a new person each day. yerrr.. updated patch la tek.. haha.. hmm.. what more to say? i guess nothing much that i can write here... since im not feeling well either today... had fever since i woke up.. gosh.. = =" sore throat.. ate my medication already, hopefully i'll recover soon.

ummpphhh... i guess i will continue writing when i get better later :D thnx for reading. adios.. ^^