Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 3

Hey Guys~ It's been tiring day since I arrived here in Sandakan. Wew, got a lot things to do. Go here, go there, explore this place... Well, today, we actually went to few places most tourist would go. ;) Woke up at 6am in the morning, get ready to go Sepilok - A rehabilitation for Orang Utan. It's cool.. We took breakfast at Bismi restaurant, ate roti canai banjir, LoL~ it really floods.. cool ^^ then we move on and arrived around 9.30 at Sepilok. Just the right time for the Orang Utan to feed. Tickets cost RM5 per person.. After around 1km walk into the forest, we arrived at the place where they feed those animals. OMG! So many tourist! I was like... wew.. ;))) Waited for more than 15minutes just to see the 1st one to come and eat. LoL!! Hang around on the rope, jump here there, and settle down, then eat. The next one is Orang Utan's mum and their baby. So cute!! Watched they eat for like... 45 minutes? ahaha!! Then a baboon came and took over the place, it was hilarious!! The Orang Utan even pose for us to take their pics. xD then it pee! LOL!!!! anyways, after that, we talked 1km again to the exit.

Next destination - we went to batu sapi, A place where the rock, on the sea, looks like "sapi" or buffalo. Deym it's cool.. Entrance fee - RM1.00 for locals, RM15.00 for tourist (per person),, yeaaa~~ WTF right~? haha! That place was a disaster, can count the number of ppl who went there. Poor thing, they didn't clean up that place and make it more beautiful. Oh well,, after taking some pics, we went to British tea .... I forget the name of the place.. >,<" It's located on top of a hill, where those British in Sabah used to drink their tea, and enjoy the scenery above Sandakan. COOL!! The sea~ omigosh, so nice~~ After that, we went to TrackHill. Located few kms from that British area.. It's on top of another hill, but this one, very very very high. There's a building that we can go up and see the whole Sandakan city, but the gate was close, I think there are some history behind that place. Who knows :) moving on, we went to Hikmah restaurant to get our lunch, deym im so hungry that time.,,,

After, we went to meet my dad's grandaughter, which is her sister's grandaughter - my niece! Aged 25~ LoL~ I'm a young uncle eiii.. ;) That village looked like Kampung air, cool~ Ate mee goreng there,, yum2.. saw some chickens running around.. funny~ Atmosphere was nice, just like the theme "balik kampung" .. :))) Next, we head back to home around 3.20pm... Change our clothes and went to Kompleks Sukan. I went swimming!!! It's been few months already, and I failed to swim again, oh my~ I can propel my feet, but I fail to flip my hands to keep me above water. Nevermind, I shall improvise! =) went back at 6.30pm, took shower, and took dinner as well,, was very tired and went to my room, played my game, chat awhile in FB, and here I am now, updating blog for you guys to read. Sorry arh, didn't update yesterday, was very very very tired.. Aite, Guess that's what happen in day 3 - trip to Sandakan. :) Will update more in the next few page..

P/S: I didn't brought my memory card file transfer USB, so I can't post the pics here in blog. I hope i remember to post it when I'm back to my hometown, 24th July later. Until then, CYA!  =)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Morning Guys!

Yeah~ Morning! As I just woke up from a nice nap. Just arrived in London. NaaaaaaaaaaH! Joke! Actually I'm in Sandakan, Sabah now, visiting my sis with her new house here. Nothing much I can story in Sandakan as I just arrived yesterday's late afternoon, around 4pm. The trip started at 8pm from Miri. Well, We transit at Labuan, have to wait for 25 minutes for other passenger to get out and those who will travel to K.K get in. Argh~ Very tiring la transit here transit there, but it's nice to experience this ^^ Remember, there are always a positive side in everything, although it is negative. =) Travelling from Miri, i sat beside a guy from Kuching, He talked a lot during the flight to Labuan, he's a bank worker at BSN Kuching, very frndly guy to talk with. Then he dropped off at Labuan Airport. The person replacing him is an old chinese guy, looked very busy, his watch is gold, (hmmm,,, I bet he is a businessman). He don't look that frndly tho'. haha! and the way he sat and read his newspaper, so annoying! haha! nvm that, arrived in K.K airport arnd 10a.m. My aunt took us to lunch at Sembulan, (idk where the hell is that), but the food was nice! :))) Picked up my cousin from school, and went to my Auntie's house in Likas. Rest awhile there and off we go to airport and arrived around 1.25pm. have to wait while more before we can check in coz our flight is at 2.50pm. wew... IDK what to do, seriously, just plain headache and lots of things to look at. K.K is very developed now. It's nice to have vacation there. ^^V from K.K, we took the next flight to Sandakan and arrived here as I told earlier, around 4pm, my sis and her husband picked us up and went to buy cucur pisang. Yummy2x.. What I can tell you guys about Sandakan is that, it's an industrial place, look very country-side, old skewl, and got few cars on the road. Cool isn't it? Away from those traffic jams and road maniacs. LoL! It's nice to live in this place, coz it's peaceful, but not for a long term living (you know what I mean) ;) After taking dinner, I went to play games and got serious headache, and I know the reason of the headache! It's the pimples on my head scalp. -.- yea I know~ sounds disgusting rite? I asked my sis to squeeze the yellow thingy out to relief my headache,, Lotsa blood came out :( after that, I went to take some sleep.. woke up at 12, and I felt fresh! played some games~ I'm back on track! ^^

Ohyeah, let me update you guys about my game. The one with the part, (I lack 600Mil more?) alright~~ remember now? Hahaha~ when I woke up, I saw the seller of the armor I wanted to buy PMed me, asking whether I have enuff money or not, I told him, I still lack 500Mil. He offered a trade to the armor that I'm about to sell(with the price of 500M) plus 600Mil in cash. !!!!! Holy ****, I went 0 to hero! LoL! It's a good trade and both of us willing to agree to the deal. I successfully got the armor, with 34Mils still on hand! Hell yeah,, Things just gets better and better.. I'm so happy I got the armor now.. Can move on levelling in much harder maps. :)

Will update you guys again in the next page. Stay tuned.! :))) P/S: Sorry, I didn't update my blog yesterday, very busy packing and need to sleep early. ^^V CYA! Peace out~

Monday, July 11, 2011

11th July 2011

Morning guys gays girls gaylords! haha! today I woke up v.early.. 6am :O omg? hehe yea, i woke up early and went to the toilet, looked at my watch, wew, it's still very early indeed, the wind is still so cold.. so damn freakin' cold.. i went back to bed.. ^^V woke up at 7am.. Hoorah! I'll be going out with my "ahem" today.. Miss her so much.. >,<" well yea, gonna catch some movies maybe, let's see.. I haven't plan anything at all.. hoho.. just go with the flow.. i hope today is gonna be fun etcetc,, may all the positive aura come to me.. <3 like3x!! Argh! I hate my scalp.. is it possible to have pimples on ur scalp? I wonder how to get rid of it.. sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not. Well right now, there's a lot of them and I feel like popping each and everyone one of them, painful la, can't really sleep with the pain.. sigh~ I wish there's a way to cure this, hate those pimples on my head.. anyways~ I'll be updating my blog again later on, after I'm back from dating.. ouyeah~ ^.~ so, I'll see you guys later on yeah! :) Enjoy hearing party rock anthem while reading my blog? You shud try shufflin' too.. Hell yeah! .|.   =.=   .|.   haha! cya!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Well yea~~ I guess it's time to leave the sack and get to the real thing about blogging. Well, today I'll start with what happened yesterday,, hmm,, nothing much tho'.. ohyea! I called the Streamyx service centre about my line problem, the day after yesterday, we had blackout, for like.. 5 hrs or something like that,, it went on at 2.40pm, perfect! coz' im in time to watch dragon ball.. hahah! -.-" back to the story, after the blackout, my internet went 100 to 0.. it's connected but there's no received packets.. I wish I could fix it myself without needing other ppl to help me.. kept on trying, i gave up, the next day, i gave the service centre a call.. wew,, had a 30 minutes conversation with the operator.. she's nice, very kind.. I wonder how old was she. LoL!! sound so young,,, oh well,, after I called her, I mean,, "The Service Centre", she told me to wait 24hrs for my line to be back, and so i wait.. . . . . .

2 hrs after the call, another operator called back on my hp and asked something just to make sure about the report i made earlier,, her name is Wati. lol~ she said she's sending a team of technician over to my house to check on it,, waow.. that's special treat don't you think  ^^V I decided to take shower early.~ (LOL), and waited for them to come, had my laptop on in the living room, while i watch WIPEOUT. waited n waited n waited,, 3pm - i decided to watch some movies on my laptop.. "Big Momma - Like Father Like Son" haha! 5 minutes into the show, my avast antivirus was updated successfully,, I was like? WTF? there must be connection already! yeahoo!! and so, yeah.. the line was on,, Im back on track,, ^^V

continued watching big momma's, dad arrived home from work and he was like,, Boy! i talked to the guy at the TMNet, and we got ourselves a new modem by next week. I was like... :O what??? haha! yeap, a new modem,,, there's a new plan cost rm 130... and I cut the conversation,, why not stay with current plan? its only RM 88.. and so he explain.. oh my,, new plan, new modem, new speed of 2Gb?? wew~~ Can't wait to feel that speed,, im luvin it.. <3 hehe~