Friday, December 24, 2010

WoRdS FroM The HeArT aS ThE MouTh Can'T Speak

A big crowd standing in front me,
Most of them are standing beside me,
It's nice to see them laughing,
Tagging along,
Doing Things Together,
Teaming Up,
I feel happy for them,
Hell, I wish they keep on upgrading and success more and more,
But when I looked at myself,
I'm not a part of them,
Being Left out alone,
Being the only thrash under a Christmas tree,
I can't be part of them,
Some voices told me to leave the crowd and join them,
But the they are my friends,
I can't just left them,
I felt like joining,
But I feel not invited,
I wanted to leave because in this case,
My happiness counts also.

I need something to cheer me up,
Especially in these times,
I wish I could be like them,
But I can't,
Instead I thank God for what I have,
I appreciate what I have,
Right now,
This very second,
I wanted to join them,
Yea they do care about me,
They are like part of my family,
I confess,
I dare to tell them,
"Hey Guys? I need some company here..",
They came,
They Cheered me up,
Made me smile again,
But sometimes,
Its just sad to feel that their are not arnd,
I don't want to be left alone,
I don't want to be happy just myself,
I wish to share it with others,
Being happy together is the best thing in the world,
I'm numb when I dont get that,

Advice is all I need,
And some attention,
People do deserve attention,
Not too much,
A little bit would do,
I gave commitments to them,
But I don't receive anything,
I'm not asking for anything as return,
But wouldn't it be nice if you are reward for a commitment You made?
I'm sure You who read this would thought the same,
We are humans,
We are the same in some ways,
In this case,
I'm sure we ARE the same,
Giving but not receiving,
It's just harsh,
Sometimes I feel like leaving the crowd,
But they still give support,
Other voices called me to them,
They are so nice to me,
Should I go?
Or should I stay?

It's complicated.
I'm sorry,
I can't make any decisions,
Not Right now,
I wanted to leave,
And I wanted to stay,
I'm sorry,,,,,,,,
I can't take a bow....
I just can't.