Saturday, May 14, 2011


It's like riding a bus,
You gone up,
You take your seat,
You ride along,
Moving to different paths,
Until one moment,
A person sits beside you,
Starts talking,
Gets to know each other,
Like kids starting to know life,
At one moment,
The bus stops,
And the person besides you,
Goes down,
And Your Alone again~

It's like the four seasons of the world,
Autumn Spring, Summer Winter,
Whatever the rotation is,
After one season,
It'll leave us,
With the joy we had on that season,
It's like missing everything,
Waiting for it to comeback,
Waiting for it,
Looking through the window,
Reminding us of the autumn leaves,
Flew by the wind,
Flew by the wind,
Never to be seen again.

It's like a melody you hear,
It's like a song you sung,
It's like a lyric that you adore,
Updated each moment,
The latest gets the attention,
The oldies gets the detention,
It doesn't matter,
Some hope are to be vanish,
Some wish are meant to be demolish,
Some prayer are meant to be miss list,
That's Life.

Among the blue skies,
Among the colourful rainbows,
Among the white clouds,
There are something we miss seeing,
Something that aren't exposed to the naked eye,
Something on the dark side,
It's not always rainbows and butterflies,
It's not always butter and fries,
It's not always sweet with slice,
Beyond expectation,
It'll just move away from you,
Some are shocking,
Yet some are time consuming,
It doesn't matter,
It's part of life.

Life it is,
It's all written for us to live,
What's meant to happen will happen,
What's meant to leave will leave,
What's meant to stay will stay.
Tears are the best friend for Life,
Moving along as it goes,
Follows paths beyond that we knows,
Sharing everything as the two grows,
Fighting their force through sorrows,
Ending them with a blink of a crow.